9 PR Tips to Shine Like a Pro

Finding it hard to stand out from the crowd with your PR strategy? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It might be time to re-evaluate your position. Keep it as simple as possible by going back to basics. To help, we’ve chosen the best PR tips to get you and your business going in the right direction.

Select the right channel

Why is this important? Once you’ve established your target audience, it’s time to select the channel through which to distribute – radio or TV? Press release or press statement? Choose the most appropriate channel to deliver your content. 

Quick tip: Remain budget-sensitive when choosing your channel. You want to it to be effective and efficient


Keep your contacts relevant

Why is this important? You’re more likely to get your press release seriously considered by relevant industry contacts – A financial company wouldn’t send their press release to a motoring magazine. Similarly, be smart about who you send your press releases to. 

Quick tip: Consider sending your press releases to a radio or TV station if you’re finding it hard to reach out to relevant contacts. This might also give you a broader reach.


Personalise PR emails

Why is this important? Try personalising emails by mentioning the journalists’ names, instead of addressing ‘the team’ or ‘news desk’. This gives them more of an incentive to open and read your email.

Quick tip: You can reach out to reporters and journalists on Twitter or Facebook if you don’t have their contact details. Quite often, they respond!


Value media relationships

Why is this important? Garnering as many media relationships as possible in public relations is guaranteed to come good at some point in the future (I mean, it’s right there in the name). You never know when you’ll need their help.

Quick tip: A good way to foster relationships is by being reliable and providing quality stories and sources.


Realise newsworthiness

Why is this important? A major role that PR agencies play is distinguishing between content that is actually newsworthy and content that would be more suitable in a company newsletter.

Quick tip: Stay ahead of the game by being aware of trending topics, giving you a boost when deciding on topics.


Sponge information

Why is this important? Constantly absorb as much as you can when working in the PR industry – it’s the only way to stay at the top of your game.

Quick tip: The only way to learn is by being curious. We suggest politely asking as many questions as you can.


Follow the news

Why is this important? Take time out of your day to keep up with current events.Read newspapers, listen to the radio or watch news channels. It’ll only make you better at your job.

Quick tip: Listen to news podcasts on your way to and from work, to make use of free time.


Be patient

Why is this important? Success takes time. Journalists might not get back to you immediately and it may take a few days before you get a reply. Don’t lose faith.

Quick tip: Get software like Streak to see if journalists have read your emails or not; you can avoid wasting time on those who have and don’t reply.


Learn from experience

Why is this important? Many things can go wrong in PR, it’s almost a certainty. Garnering media attention is never guaranteed and trends change. Learn from failures to pave your future success. 

Quick tip: Work with an experienced and established PR agency to minimise the risk of a badly managed PR campaign damaging your company.

5 SMB Pain Points and how to hurdle them

As a small business owner, you’ve probably faced and conquered an abundance of hurdles and headaches when running your business. While you may think these issues are unique to you, they are actually fairly common for small to medium-sized business owners. We’ve listed below some of the common everyday complaints encountered by business owners, along with tips on how to manage them.     

“Our profitability sucks, despite good revenues”

Why is this important? If you’re struggling for profits, it might be time to cut costs. Reduce overhead costs like utilities, sell old inventory, rent or lease over owning. 

Quick tip: Stay on top of overhead costs, from the start of your small business. This will prevent costs from getting out of hand. 


“We’re unable to find new customers”

Why is this important? Finding new customers isn’t as simple as before. Cleverly marketing your offerings is crucial to staying relevant in today’s world, or risk fading away.

Quick tip: Online advertising has been constantly proven as the best bang-for-your-buck in marketing your product or service.


“We’re losing our customers” 

Why is this important? A declining customer base usually indicates better competition. This could be due to your stagnant development or matters out of your hands such as a large corporation’s introduction.

Quick tip: Standing out from the rest is difficult. But if you can ensure your offering being unique, your business will be secured for time to come.


“Our revenue is awful”

Why is this important? Revenue is what runs a business. A lack of it won’t allow you to function for very long.  

Quick tip: Encourage customers to return by improving the quality of your offerings. A raise in prices would also be justified by the improved quality.


“We have high employee turnover”

Why is this important? If employees keep quitting their jobs, this may indicate an underlying issue. Sit down and examine work environment and culture, benefits, etc.

Quick tip: The easiest way to identify an issue is by contacting a former employee, and having a chat with them about why they departed.