3 Ways CGI Influencers could benefit you

With the improvements in digital technology a new type of “content creator” has emerged, known as a CGI Influencer. A CGI influencer is similar to your everyday Youtuber or Instagram model, with one minor difference, they aren’t real people at ALL. Many are for it and many are against it, but let’s delve into why they could be the future of entertainment.

Wider scope of capabilities

Why is this important?
With a CGI influencer at your disposal, you now have unlimited possibilities of what you can achieve. You’re no longer limited by human capabilities, your influencer can be anywhere – do anything – whenever you want!

Quick Tip: If you want to reach an audience that speaks a different language, all you have to do is create a CGI person who’s fluent in that language and you’re set. You could also send them to that country if you want.

More cost effective than human influencers

Why is this important?
Having celebrities promote your products costs a lot of money, especially with all of the added expenses including flights and accommodation, film crew, set-up the list goes on. With CGI celebrities, all of those expenses are eliminated.

Quick Tip: Spend more money on ads to gain as much exposure as possible.

Create more content

Why is this important?
Creating new content everyday can be difficult if you’re limited by where you can go. Want to travel the world? With CGI you can be in a new country everyday, doing something new everyday. Nowhere is too far.

Quick Tip: Having the power of being “everywhere” gives you a lot of opportunities to do what others can’t, shoot a commercial on the moon or surf in a volcano. You can set your brand apart from the rest with your content.