3 exciting features coming to Twitter in 2020

3 exciting features coming to Twitter in 2020


With the continued growth of Twitter into 2020 they’ve announced the addition of new features in development or being tested. The aim of these is to give users a more personalised experience as well as some added privacy to their recently open and public platform. With the updates that have advanced these features, we’ve compiled a list of 3 new features on Twitter.


Public and private replies

Why is this important?

One new feature that’s being added to Twitter is the option to control who can reply to your tweets. There are so far 4 options in testing, including : Global, group, panel and statement. Global allows anyone to reply, group only lets people you follow and mention to reply, panel restricts it to just people mentioned and statement blocks anyone from replying. Although it seems it’ll require some experimenting and adjustments, we can expect it to go live later this year.

Quick suggestion :  With this feature you’ll be able to control who can respond, which can give you a more honest response on your tweets and topics.


Stories on Twitter

Why is this important?

Similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories, Twitter is working on their own version called “Fleets”. They can’t receive likes, comments or retweets and will eventually disappear after 24 hours. However unlike other social media platforms, upon launch you’ll be able to post videos more than 2 minutes long, or 512 MB in size. This feature gives you more freedom on what you can post and share with Twitter.

Quick suggestion :  Use fleets to give previews of upcoming content or videos.


Full sized images

Why is this important?

Previously on Twitter you had to crop down images and photos to fit into your tweet, unless your image was already that size. However, now they’ve updated it so now you can post a full image along with your tweets. The aspect ration was changed from 2:1 to 16:9, or in other words you post larger images without them having to be altered.

Quick suggestion : With this image change, it’ll be more beneficial to add higher quality photos to your Tweets now. 

5 tips to make your YouTube video go viral

Whether you’re an aspiring content creator or you’re a veteran on the platform, making a viral video isn’t as easy as it looks. Here are some pointers on what to focus on when making that “special” video.


Make trending content

Why is this important?

One of the most important parts of creating a viral video is to produce content that’s trending on Youtube or other social media platforms. This way your content will be searched for and recommended to audiences more often

Quick tip : Try to create content that is original and new to set yourself apart from the rest.


Consider your video’s length

Why is this important?

The length of your videos isn’t important, what is important is your “Watch time”. 

This is the duration with which people watch your content. The better your watch time the more likely you are to be recommended to more viewers.

Quick tip : One way to increase your watch time is to try to keep your video at or under 10 minutes.


Use a daring title

Why is this important?

The title is the first thing your viewers will see before they click on your video. A good title is the difference between whether viewers will open the video or not. Plus it should give them an idea as to what the video is about before they even start watching.

Quick tip : The aim is to hook your viewers in without giving too much away, making a title both interesting and mysterious is a very effective tool to use.


Create a catchy thumbnail

Why is this important?

If your title doesn’t convince someone to click on your content, your thumbnail will. The thumbnail should be a preview of what is to come in the video. This means your title and thumbnail will have to work together in order for your content to be successful.

Quick tip :  Use bright colours and bold letters on the thumbnail where appropriate while still showing most of the background image.


Master your timing 

Why is this important?

The timing of which you release your trending and catchy content is crucial to its success. You want to be the first to share your ideas on this topic and fast, because if it’s trending then chances are you’ll have some competition. Being early to the scene means you can cover topics before others, helping you go viral faster.

Quick tip : Keep up to date with the current trends, not just on Youtube but on other social pages you manage. This way you’ll know when to release your content.