3 easy steps to taking an Instagram worthy photo

3 easy steps to taking an Instagram worthy photo

Instagram is a platform that hosts everything from influencers to memes and everything in between. Finding a way to get ahead of the game can be challenging. So whether you want to post a photo to show off to friends or to show an achievement, set yourself apart with these 3 easy steps to taking an Instagram worthy photo.
Focus on lighting

Why is this important?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any photo because it sets the mood. You can have dim lighting in a landscape photo to make it cinematic, or bright lighting with trees and people to bring a photo to life. With good lighting you can write a story without using words and give meaning to an otherwise standard photo.

Quick tip : Use natural lighting if possible to give it the best possible effect.  


Capture the subject 

Why is this important?

When taking a photo, you want that photo to mean something to you. It could be of you doing something you enjoy, for example exploring the outdoors or catching up with friends. 

Making the photo authentic and real will bring more meaning to the subject, and will make it feel like more than just a photo.

Quick tip : Make the subject the centre of attention.


Good camera quality 

Why is this important?

Something simple yet extremely important is having a phone or camera with good quality. This way you can truly convey what you want to show in a photo, the better the quality the better the photo. When put together with strong lighting and an important subject, you can tell a story without using words.

Quick tip : Most mobile phones nowadays have decent camera quality so you don’t need a high grade camera to take professional looking pictures.

See Marketing’s true colours

Countless hours are spent in advertising deciding on the best colour palettes. Colours evoke emotional feelings and can powerfully impact people’s behavior and decision-making. Choosing the wrong ones can have the opposite effect on our brand or marketing campaign and that’s precisely why, as a marketing professional, you need to understand what colours mean to people and the effect they have. 

The colours used in packaging can draw consumers in to purchase a product off the shelf just as the colours on a layout can guide people to look in a specific direction. Colours help us interpret things. They can convince us that a product is better or fresher than others and allow us to determine what’s important and what’s not. It puts content into context. 

Let’s put some numbers on this: 85% of consumers make a decision about what to buy based on the colour and up to 90% of impulse decisions about products are determined solely on their colours. 

Colours speak a language words just can’t explain. Give colours the importance they truly deserve.


Roll out the red carpet

Roll out the red carpet for the colour red.

It is one of the most powerful and energising colours and is commonly related to specific emotions: affection, love, friendliness and strength, but it also portrays terror, fear and can be aggressive depending on its context.

Use this colour to attract people’s attention and motivate them to take action, for example, use it for clearance sales or call-to-action buttons. The red colour also triggers appetite and is, therefore, the perfect choice for food products and restaurants.


Blue ribbon

Blue is known for its sense of safety, serenity, stability and trust. Unlike red, it lends a mental reaction rather than physical that brings calm, reduces appetite and is overall a relaxing colour. Meanings vary depending on the tone. Light blue is more relaxing and linked to creativity whilst dark blue is associated with intelligence and can be perceived as cold or distant.

This colour is a blue ribbon option for many financial institutions as it relates trust and helps with customer loyalty. Additionally, it is a good option for corporate business due to its association with innovation.


Get the green light

Green brings us the feeling of balance, tranquility and nature. It stimulates harmony and helps us to clarify things and make clearer decisions thanks to its perfect balance between logic and emotion.

Green is one of the most-seen colours in nature and it is a sign of growth, peace, rest and life but can also represent possession and materialism. 

You have the green light to use this colour if your brand or product relieves stress, promotes health or environmental issues.


Squeeze an orange

Orange has very interesting psychological connotations as a result of the blend between red’s power and energy and yellow’s joy and friendliness. This colour inspires and stimulates an optimistic attitude and it also brings enthusiasm, physical comfort, warmth and a sense of adventure. 

Squeeze an orange and use this colour if your product is for children as it’s very attention-grabbing. Another major place where orange stands out is in the construction and safety industry.


There’s no need to be yellow-bellied

Yellow is, without any doubt, the colour of cheerfulness and optimism. It is not comparable with the calm that blue brings, but it still portrays warmth and makes people feel happier – because of the sun mostly. It evokes energy, creativity, grabs our attention and is also the first colour infants respond to. This colour is commonly used for fast-food restaurants and also to express caution.

Yellow is truly unique as it is always bright no matter what. Do you have enough reasons to use this colour in marketing? There’s no need to be yellow-bellied.


Look on the pink side of life

Pink is the softer and less intense version of red and evokes romanticism and care. This colour is also a sign of hope and shows sensitivity and empathy. Don’t overuse it in your marketing and designs otherwise, your content will look immature and lack power.

Pink doesn’t stimulate but it soothes the mood, making it a perfect option for caring and nurturing products and services.


Born in the purple

Purple has always been associated with royalty, spirituality and wisdom. It has the perfect blend between the energy and power of red and the reliability and stability of blue and, as a result, it possesses a great physical and spiritual balance.

This colour soothes but also stimulates the problem-solving area of the brain and shows imagination and respect.

Your designs are born in the purple if you use this colour to portray loyalty, mystery, luxury and magic. It is also frequently used for beauty and anti-aging products.


A grey area

Sometimes we find grey areas when we use this colour for marketing purposes as it’s in between black and white. It can be conservative, depressing and boring or can be seen as elegant and formal because of its “clean appearance”. It really depends on how much lightness this colour has, for example, dark greys are more depressing than the lighter ones.

This colour suggests reliability, neutrality and maturity. It symbolizes feelings of practicality and timelessness as well. Grey is a great choice to use in logos as a supporting colour that enhances the main colours and can be used for font colour and headings as well.


Black & White

Black is the colour of sophistication and seriousness but can also be associated with depression, mystery and death. On the other hand, white is pure, innocent and clean but can draw isolation and emptiness.

Both colours are frequently used together. For example, many websites will likely have white backgrounds with a black font and they’ve been commonly used in heaps of retailer’s logos and marketing designs as a way to create contrast and evoke elegance. 

3 useful tips to improve your communication on Instagram

Instagram has gone through many changes in the last couple of years. However, there is one thing that remains consistent and effective: the use of hashtags, in terms of getting a higher engagement with your audience, increasing your number of followers and creating a community alongside your brand. This post is all about hashtags and how you can improve your communication.


Always include hashtags

Why is this important?

Hashtags still play an essential role in our Instagram posts in 2020. Some studies have revealed that if at least one hashtag is used, the engagement rate increases in 12.6%. Adding targeted and relevant hashtags on posts and stories will attract new audiences on Instagram and that means more engagement, customers and followers.

Quick suggestion:  plan a hashtag strategy that suits your business and see how your account grows. Good hashtags will help you to get closer to your target audience.


Choose the appropriate hashtag

Why is this important?

Finding the right hashtag will help you reach the right audience but that doesn’t mean the most popular ones are the best. It’s better to create hashtags focused on a specific niche and engage with an audience interested in your industry.

Quick suggestion:  use niche and industry-specific hashtags to generate conversations


Find similar hashtags

Why is this important?

If you want effective and oriented industry communication, you can simply look for related hashtags in order to discover the most popular ones and reach your audience wisely. You can just type your hashtag into the app’s search bar and click on “tags” from the dropdown menu.

Quick suggestion: keeping up with the latest trends related to your own hashtag will help you to grow your community

3 exciting features coming to Twitter in 2020

3 exciting features coming to Twitter in 2020


With the continued growth of Twitter into 2020 they’ve announced the addition of new features in development or being tested. The aim of these is to give users a more personalised experience as well as some added privacy to their recently open and public platform. With the updates that have advanced these features, we’ve compiled a list of 3 new features on Twitter.


Public and private replies

Why is this important?

One new feature that’s being added to Twitter is the option to control who can reply to your tweets. There are so far 4 options in testing, including : Global, group, panel and statement. Global allows anyone to reply, group only lets people you follow and mention to reply, panel restricts it to just people mentioned and statement blocks anyone from replying. Although it seems it’ll require some experimenting and adjustments, we can expect it to go live later this year.

Quick suggestion :  With this feature you’ll be able to control who can respond, which can give you a more honest response on your tweets and topics.


Stories on Twitter

Why is this important?

Similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories, Twitter is working on their own version called “Fleets”. They can’t receive likes, comments or retweets and will eventually disappear after 24 hours. However unlike other social media platforms, upon launch you’ll be able to post videos more than 2 minutes long, or 512 MB in size. This feature gives you more freedom on what you can post and share with Twitter.

Quick suggestion :  Use fleets to give previews of upcoming content or videos.


Full sized images

Why is this important?

Previously on Twitter you had to crop down images and photos to fit into your tweet, unless your image was already that size. However, now they’ve updated it so now you can post a full image along with your tweets. The aspect ration was changed from 2:1 to 16:9, or in other words you post larger images without them having to be altered.

Quick suggestion : With this image change, it’ll be more beneficial to add higher quality photos to your Tweets now. 

5 tips to make your YouTube video go viral

Whether you’re an aspiring content creator or you’re a veteran on the platform, making a viral video isn’t as easy as it looks. Here are some pointers on what to focus on when making that “special” video.


Make trending content

Why is this important?

One of the most important parts of creating a viral video is to produce content that’s trending on Youtube or other social media platforms. This way your content will be searched for and recommended to audiences more often

Quick tip : Try to create content that is original and new to set yourself apart from the rest.


Consider your video’s length

Why is this important?

The length of your videos isn’t important, what is important is your “Watch time”. 

This is the duration with which people watch your content. The better your watch time the more likely you are to be recommended to more viewers.

Quick tip : One way to increase your watch time is to try to keep your video at or under 10 minutes.


Use a daring title

Why is this important?

The title is the first thing your viewers will see before they click on your video. A good title is the difference between whether viewers will open the video or not. Plus it should give them an idea as to what the video is about before they even start watching.

Quick tip : The aim is to hook your viewers in without giving too much away, making a title both interesting and mysterious is a very effective tool to use.


Create a catchy thumbnail

Why is this important?

If your title doesn’t convince someone to click on your content, your thumbnail will. The thumbnail should be a preview of what is to come in the video. This means your title and thumbnail will have to work together in order for your content to be successful.

Quick tip :  Use bright colours and bold letters on the thumbnail where appropriate while still showing most of the background image.


Master your timing 

Why is this important?

The timing of which you release your trending and catchy content is crucial to its success. You want to be the first to share your ideas on this topic and fast, because if it’s trending then chances are you’ll have some competition. Being early to the scene means you can cover topics before others, helping you go viral faster.

Quick tip : Keep up to date with the current trends, not just on Youtube but on other social pages you manage. This way you’ll know when to release your content.


3 Ways CGI Influencers could benefit you

With the improvements in digital technology a new type of “content creator” has emerged, known as a CGI Influencer. A CGI influencer is similar to your everyday Youtuber or Instagram model, with one minor difference, they aren’t real people at ALL. Many are for it and many are against it, but let’s delve into why they could be the future of entertainment.

Wider scope of capabilities

Why is this important?
With a CGI influencer at your disposal, you now have unlimited possibilities of what you can achieve. You’re no longer limited by human capabilities, your influencer can be anywhere – do anything – whenever you want!

Quick Tip: If you want to reach an audience that speaks a different language, all you have to do is create a CGI person who’s fluent in that language and you’re set. You could also send them to that country if you want.

More cost effective than human influencers

Why is this important?
Having celebrities promote your products costs a lot of money, especially with all of the added expenses including flights and accommodation, film crew, set-up the list goes on. With CGI celebrities, all of those expenses are eliminated.

Quick Tip: Spend more money on ads to gain as much exposure as possible.

Create more content

Why is this important?
Creating new content everyday can be difficult if you’re limited by where you can go. Want to travel the world? With CGI you can be in a new country everyday, doing something new everyday. Nowhere is too far.

Quick Tip: Having the power of being “everywhere” gives you a lot of opportunities to do what others can’t, shoot a commercial on the moon or surf in a volcano. You can set your brand apart from the rest with your content.

3 ways to improve your skills in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game with both local and online capabilities. As one of the most popular free games out there, you can expect plenty of players who will be just as new to the game as you are, so here’s a few tips to get ahead of the competition:


Learn the controls

Why is this important? 

Jumping straight into games is one way to learn the basic controls quickly as well as learning how to move and attack. Enhance your skills in the Training mode or try to practice specific combos in game-modes such as free-for-all and experimental 1v1 to get a feel for the controls.

Quick tip: Learn both grounded attack and aerial attacks, you have many options to attack so make sure you know how!


Play a variety of characters

Why is this important?

When you first start playing, you’ll only be able to play the characters provided for you, however this changes every week. So while you can play those characters it’s beneficial to play as many of them as you can. This will help you not only gain an understanding on the different attributes the characters have but also how to counter them if you come across them in game. 

Quick tip : Save the gold you get from playing matches to buy characters you want to play with.


Practice “recovering” 

Why is this important?

While you are airborne you have many options to get back to the platform which players often don’t know about or use too early. You can save yourself many deaths and defeats by learning how to get back to the stage before you fall to your death.

Quick tip : Don’t use all of your options straight away but try to space them out. This makes it easier to recover.

5 Tips to make a poppin Insta story

Instagram is one of the most popular and well known social media platforms in the world, with plenty of in-app features to help you edit, produce and compile a selection of images and/or videos into an organised setting. This is called a story, and whether you’re new to Instagram or you’ve been around since the dark ages, here’s a few tips to keep your stories poppin…


Keep it short and sweet

Why is this important?

In order to keep your audience engaged in what you have to present you should keep it quick and to the point.

Quick tip : Film in portrait, this way you don’t have to crop or edit your photo or video size and your quality will remain the same.


Use different camera options

Why is this important?

Try using different features such as Boomerang and Superzoom to more accurately present your ideas and focus more on whatever it is your story is trying to capture.

Quick tip : Use these as well as your standard camera settings in good balance, try not to use it more than you have to. 


Add animation features (GIFs, stickers etc)

Why is this important?

Extra features such as GIFs and stickers will give your story a more vibrant setting and lively feeling to it, just don’t go overboard because there is such a thing as “too vibrant”

Quick tip : Stick a maximum of 3 stickers and/or GIFs so you don’t overcrowd your image.


Choose related music

Why is this important?

Music can help set the scene for your video or photo, as well as making it more captivating to your audience. 

Quick tip : Choose music that links back to what you’re trying to capture in your story.


Use filters

Why is this important?

Using filters with the right approach will make your story more appealing and can help you create a more enchanting surrounding.

Quick tip : Try to ensure that your filter is related to the topic for the best results.

3 Ways to improve your Fortnite gameplay

Fortnite took the world by storm and still remains one of the biggest games of all time. With millions of players worldwide, it can seem daunting to try to pick up the game from scratch, so here’s a few tips and tricks that are friendly to both new players and veterans alike to get you started :


Keep an eye on “the storm”

Why is this important?

There is a “storm zone” that controls the map, every second you are in it damage to players is increased. You want to avoid getting damaged as much as possible. 

Quick tip : Try to stay out of the storm and plan your next move early so you can gain an advantage.


Learn to build

Why is this important?

Building is a unique feature in Fortnite and is one of the most important mechanics to learn. Building can be used to create cover when being shot at, gain a height advantage on your opponent or even help you scale Mountains which were otherwise impossible to climb, the only limit is what you can think of! Well, and your materials…

Quick tip: Playing zone wars in the Creative Gamemode is a great way to develop building in late game scenarios.   


Train your aim

Why is this important?

Having good aim is crucial to your performance. You can build all you want, if you can’t actually hit your opponent you were better off not building.

Quick tip: Practice box fighting scenarios with friends in creative.

5 PR Mistakes and how to avoid them

The only way PR pros grow is through making blunders. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. A slip of the tongue here, a mis-click there, and voila – a PR debacle can occur. We’ve witnessed a fair number of PR slip-ups, and so feel that we’re in a good position to assist others in avoiding the same mistakes. Below are 5 common PR mistakes and how to go about avoiding them.

Ignoring blogs

Why is this important? Blogs are read by passionate and niche audiences, and can be considered a powerful yet underutilised tool.

Quick tip: Familiarise yourself with the style and content of the blog, rather than simply sending out vague or general press releases.


Not monitoring impact!

Why is this important? Staying on top of content that is being received positively, will help you maximise the effectiveness of that particular content.

Quick tip: In addition to focusing primarily on favourable content, improving content areas that aren’t landing well, will help even further.


Wrong timing

Why is this important? Timing is essential in public relations. If you wait too long to send out press releases, it may not be relevant anymore.

Quick tip: Keep lead times and deadlines of media outlets in mind when sending out press releases, since these may vary.


Using sub-par language

Why is this important? Keep jargon and slang out of your press releases. Most, if not all editors are deeply unimpressed by lingo, and prefer simple and easy to understand language.

Quick tip: Have your press release looked over by one or more other people to see if it reads well enough.


Ignore editing

Why is this important? Poor structure, grammatical errors, and lengthy sentences get emails deleted almost immediately. Look at an outlet’s previous articles to get an idea about their structure.

Quick tip: Remember to include a call to action or information about the event or activity at the end of your press release.