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5 ways to increase your business’ Snapchat following

Like many social media platforms, Snapchat is an up-and-coming marketing goldmine that holds the potential to increase consumer engagement for your business. With its behind-the-scenes vibe, Snapchat allows viewers to foster a more normalized relationship with a brand and its products. Read on if you would like some hot tips on how to increase your business’ Snapchat following.


Use your employees
Why is it important?
Using your existing channels is a simple way to reach out to potential consumers.

Quick tip:
Consider offering your employees with incentives in exchange for their promotional help. Did someone say Friday night drinks?

Add Snacpchat to your corporate website
Why is it important?
Providing a list of your business’ social media profiles on your corporate website can act as a secondary point of communication for consumers to stay updated on your brand and products.

Quick tip:
Providing your business’ Snap Code on your website makes it easier for viewers to add you to their accounts.

Consider your use of hashtags
Why is it important?
Hashtags help to categorise your post and increase its relevance to target audiences.

Quick tip:
There is definitely such a thing as too many hashtags…so use them wisely and don’t overcrowd your post!

Promote your Snapchat account on other socials
Why is it important?
Using other social media platforms to promote your business’ snapchat can inform and remind your target audience of your Snapchat presence, and can therefore encourage them to go and check it out.

Quick tip:
Keep these posts at strict intervals in order to avoid spamming or cluttering your audience’s feeds.

Notify your business subscribers of your account
Why is it important?
While searching for new audiences to reach on your Snapchat account is ideal, it is also essential to maintain your relationships with current business subscribers.

Quick tip:
An automated email containing your Snapchat name and code is a fast and easy way to remind current consumers about your account.

Utilise Snapchat’s ‘Add Me’ URL tool
Why is it important?
The ‘Add Me’ URL allows users to add your Snapchat account in one easy step. The easier the adding process is, the more likely users are going to engage with it.

Quick tip:
All ‘Add Me’ URL’s follow the same formula;

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Snapchat For Your Business

Take your business to the next level by using Snapchat to connect with followers and grow your social media reach. With over 150 million active daily users, this app has the ability to increase brand awareness and connect you and your followers directly. Here are the benefits, according to us…



  1. Snapchat stories allow followers to get an insight into the daily operations of your business, adding a human aspect to your day-to-day tasks.

  2. You can easily deliver your message with SnapAds or advertise events or new products with custom GeoFilters.

  3. The app encourages authenticity. By posting consistent and real content, your followers become more engaged in what you have to say about your brand or current social issues.

  4. Partnering with social influencers can spread awareness to a demographic that’s hard to reach through traditional media.

  5. You can interact directly with your followers by responding to snaps, enhancing a sense of trust and responsibility between you and your viewers. It’s all about remaining authentic.