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3 exciting features coming to Twitter in 2020

3 exciting features coming to Twitter in 2020


With the continued growth of Twitter into 2020 they’ve announced the addition of new features in development or being tested. The aim of these is to give users a more personalised experience as well as some added privacy to their recently open and public platform. With the updates that have advanced these features, we’ve compiled a list of 3 new features on Twitter.


Public and private replies

Why is this important?

One new feature that’s being added to Twitter is the option to control who can reply to your tweets. There are so far 4 options in testing, including : Global, group, panel and statement. Global allows anyone to reply, group only lets people you follow and mention to reply, panel restricts it to just people mentioned and statement blocks anyone from replying. Although it seems it’ll require some experimenting and adjustments, we can expect it to go live later this year.

Quick suggestion :  With this feature you’ll be able to control who can respond, which can give you a more honest response on your tweets and topics.


Stories on Twitter

Why is this important?

Similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories, Twitter is working on their own version called “Fleets”. They can’t receive likes, comments or retweets and will eventually disappear after 24 hours. However unlike other social media platforms, upon launch you’ll be able to post videos more than 2 minutes long, or 512 MB in size. This feature gives you more freedom on what you can post and share with Twitter.

Quick suggestion :  Use fleets to give previews of upcoming content or videos.


Full sized images

Why is this important?

Previously on Twitter you had to crop down images and photos to fit into your tweet, unless your image was already that size. However, now they’ve updated it so now you can post a full image along with your tweets. The aspect ration was changed from 2:1 to 16:9, or in other words you post larger images without them having to be altered.

Quick suggestion : With this image change, it’ll be more beneficial to add higher quality photos to your Tweets now. 

5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Your Business

Twitter is a powerful social networking and search engine to find the latest information about practically any topic. Twitter can be used to engage users and followers, increase brand awareness and boost conversations. Here are 5 useful Twitter marketing tips for your business.

Listen and Learn

Why is this important? Social media listening is crucial in knowing what your Twitter community is talking about and how your brand is being recognised.

A quick tip: Staying updated within the Twitter community provides workable data for designing marketing campaigns.

Create Amazing Content 

Why is this important?Create content which encapsulates your brand, is easy to read, and is likely to resonate with your audience. 

Quick Tip: Your handle (username URL) must be kept recognisable and short enough to be easily tagged by other users. 

Take advantage of Multimedia

Why is this important? According to research done by Louise’s Visual Social Media, tweets with photos receive 150% more re-tweets than Twitter posts without images. 

Quick Tip: Using images, videos and audio in fun and creative ways can make your content more exciting and engaging. 

Post at the Right Time

Why is this important? Posting at the right time and regularly ensures you will attract and engage followers.   Experiment with Tweeting more regularly and pay attention to how your followers react to find the frequency that works best for you. 

Quick Tip: Research has shown that the best posting times are generally 12 p.m., 5 p.m., and 6 p.m.

Conduct Polls 

Why is this important? An easy way to engage with your followers and create more activity is to create a Twitter Poll. As well as being fun for followers they can be used to conduct market research, get feedback and initiate conversation.

Quick Tip: It is important to remember anyone can create a poll so creating unique and engaging questions is essential.

5 Twitter tips to promote your business

Twitter is one of the most popular social media applications in the world and poses plenty of untapped potential to spread brand awareness. Following are 5 tips on how to achieve this effectively.

Create a media strategy

Why is this important? Clearly establishing what the goals and who the target audience are, is key to a successful  media campaign.

Quick tip: This will determine the scope of your campaign, so strategise wisely.


Maintaining consistency is key!

Why is this important? As easy as it is to set up a social media account, continuous work is needed to maintain and grow your follower base. This could be as simple as posting short promotional statements several times a week.

Quick tip: Attach pictures or videos to make your posts attractive and engaging.


Interact with customers/clients

Why is this important? Responding and replying to tweets from customers and clients helps to portray the company as being relatable and appealing.

Quick tip: Set up Direct Messages so clients/customers can contact you directly, which will promote engagement. Just make sure to check your inbox regularly!


Expand but maintain focus on your target audience

Why is this important? It’s easy for a business’ messages to get saturated in the social media sphere. While gaining more followers is beneficial in terms of exposure, it’s essential not to lose focus of your key demographic. They are whom your most important interactions will arise from.

Quick tip: Try adhering to daily social media posts at the minimum; some of promotional content about the business/product, and some interacting with your target audience.


Use a Twitter Ads account

Why is this important? While not necessary, utilising Twitter Ads can help your business boost its reach. It’s a low-cost, yet effective way to target a tailored audience. Plus, you set your own budget and only pay if you attain your marketing goals.

Quick tip: Beware to distinguish between ‘Promote Mode’ and ‘Twitter Ads’. The former has a 99 USD monthly price, whereas the latter has no minimum spend.


Handy Tips To Help Your Marketing Strategy Using Twitter

Twitter is the ultimate networking tool and should be used to its full potential. Marketers use Twitter for branding, promotions and providing users with important information about their brand or product. These are our best tips to help strengthen your current marketing strategy.


  1. Increase engagement
    Why is this important?
    Twitter is all about engaging with your target audience and interacting with them as much as possible.

    Quick tip: To get optimum engagement, start a Twitter Chat to get conversations started.

  1. Plan ahead
    Why is this important?
    Have your Tweets planned ahead so that you aren’t left struggling at the eleventh hour for ideas.

    Quick tip: Use programs like to schedule posts in advance.

  1. Analyse your performance
    Why is this important?
    You want to be able to see how your posts are performing and finding ways to improve these levels if they’re not doing well.

    Quick tip: Keep on top of the performance of your content with Twitter Analytics.
  1. Collaborate with influencers
    Why is this important?
    Influencers have incredible reach and by engaging with them on campaigns you will increase your company’s reach while bringing in new audiences.

    Quick tip: Research influencers that will fit appropriately with your brand to ensure effective engagement.
  2. Use video to convey your message
    Why is this important?
    People love visuals and are more likely to engage with video than plain text.

    Quick tip: Create short videos that will catch your followers’ attention, ensuring it encapsulates your message in a few short seconds.