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How do you become so hot right now on Youtube? 4 simple tips

We live in a world so full of influencers and online bloggers that we all want to become one. In order to stay ahead of the game, the only path to take is to become a Youtuber and know how to work this platform to perfection. Here are some amazing tips on how to be the best of the best on Youtube.

Research and know what ‘keywords’ to use.

Why is this important?
Every Youtuber needs a few short and easy keywords to enable followers to search and find them by.

Quick tip:
These keywords will become like a search engine tool for your profile, so when people search certain words you can be associated with them.

Know what you are up against.

Why is this important?
It is always important to know your competition! Set goals and strategies to get ahead of the game.

Quick tip:
If possible, try to find a successful Youtube influencer with an existing database who can give you a shoutout to help kick start your following.

Use the ‘featured videos’ section.

Why is this important?
You’ll need this to gain a higher reach in a shorter amount of time when just starting out on Youtube.

Quick tip:
This is so important when just starting Youtube! It comes with a small cost but great when just getting started on this platform.

Make funny, entertaining, memorable videos!

Why is this important?
The final way to be ‘so hot right now’ on Youtube is to be creative and have interesting topics to film and talk about!

Quick tip:
Whether you are a business or a performer, make sure whatever you upload stands out from the ordinary.

How Best To Work With YouTube Influencers


Over one billion people spend one billion hours on Youtube each day. That’s a lot of people…one-third of the internet to be precise. So, it’s safe to say Youtube is at the helm of user engagement and there has never been a better time to engage Youtube influencers with your brand. Here are some tips on working with these influencers.


Do your research

Why is this important?
Know who your influencer is and what kinds of content they produce. This way you can be assured your product will be promoted by the right person and to the right audience.

Quick tip: Look into their audiences and previous collaborations with other brands to get a better idea of their suitability to your brand.


Let go

Why is this important?
Once you have found the perfect influencer for your brand, give them complete creative control over the video they produce. While you should always have a brief for them to follow, it is important to have faith in the influencer and their approach to promoting your brand.

Quick tip: Trust them. They know their audiences and what they like to see.


Don’t demand too much

Why is this important?
If you expect your influencer to post 20 images on Instagram, 5 Tweets and 2 Youtube videos, they will most likely turn down the partnership. This amount of content has the ability to make an influencer seem inauthentic, resulting in less engagement between followers. Be strategic, not demanding.

Quick tip: Create a reasonable sponsorship campaign between your brand and the influencer.

The smaller the better

Why is this important?
It could be beneficial to work with more influencers with smaller audiences as opposed to one with millions of subscribers. Smaller YouTuber’s are passionate about their niche and you could be their first brand deal. In these instances, you will be able to stretch your budget across more influencers, and reach specific audiences.

Quick tip: Always consider your budget and remember that bigger influencers are larger in value and price.