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3 useful tips to improve your communication on Instagram

Instagram has gone through many changes in the last couple of years. However, there is one thing that remains consistent and effective: the use of hashtags, in terms of getting a higher engagement with your audience, increasing your number of followers and creating a community alongside your brand. This post is all about hashtags and how you can improve your communication.


Always include hashtags

Why is this important?

Hashtags still play an essential role in our Instagram posts in 2020. Some studies have revealed that if at least one hashtag is used, the engagement rate increases in 12.6%. Adding targeted and relevant hashtags on posts and stories will attract new audiences on Instagram and that means more engagement, customers and followers.

Quick suggestion:  plan a hashtag strategy that suits your business and see how your account grows. Good hashtags will help you to get closer to your target audience.


Choose the appropriate hashtag

Why is this important?

Finding the right hashtag will help you reach the right audience but that doesn’t mean the most popular ones are the best. It’s better to create hashtags focused on a specific niche and engage with an audience interested in your industry.

Quick suggestion:  use niche and industry-specific hashtags to generate conversations


Find similar hashtags

Why is this important?

If you want effective and oriented industry communication, you can simply look for related hashtags in order to discover the most popular ones and reach your audience wisely. You can just type your hashtag into the app’s search bar and click on “tags” from the dropdown menu.

Quick suggestion: keeping up with the latest trends related to your own hashtag will help you to grow your community