Refresh Your Pinterest Feed With These Simple Tips

As one of the most visual platforms users have on offer, Pinterest is the go-to for most people when they are in need of inspiration. It’s for this reason that you utilise your Pinterest account, making it the best re-pinnable resource for users. Here are some of our tips to help you refresh your feed.


  1. Be relevant to your audience
    Why this is important?
    Your page is a mood board for followers and should be the one place they come for visual content.
    Quick tip: Create boards that are relevant to your target audience.


  1. Use high-res images ONLY
    Why this is important?
    Nobody likes a pixelated image. If you pin low resolution images you risk losing engagement and trust from users.

    Quick tip: Take the time to source images in high definition. Although it may be a timely exercise, the quality of your boards will be exceptional, inviting users to return.


  1. Create ‘instructographics’
    Why this is important?
    Pinterest users love ‘instructographics’. Implement as many original ‘how to’ and ‘DIY’ posts as you can as it’s the platforms second most popular category!

    Quick tip: Use online programs such as Canva or Infogram to create engaging and interactive ‘how to’s’.


  1. Consistency is key
    Why this is important?
    Posting relevant content consistently increases visibility and your followers are sure to engage further with your brand if you keep it up.

    Quick tip: Pin at least 5 posts a day and even try to pin up to a maximum of 30 pins at different time intervals.


  1. Use ‘Rich Pins’
    Why this is important?
    ‘Rich Pins’ are used to boost your pin/repin ratio. This tool gives real-time
    information on your pins and also provides more ways to direct people to your site.
    Quick tip: Visit to find out how to get the most out of this tool for your business.