Project Description

King Creative Concept:

Create a hub in Westfield centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to showcase the ASUS products to the public and encourage them to enter to win over $10,000 worth of prizes.

Creative Plan:

  • Build an interactive display stand that allows the general public to try the range of computers.
  • Develop a nationwide competition to create a buzz around ASUS and the products.
  • Promote the giveaway online and onsite.
  • Educate the public on the product / features.

Construct the Team – Who was involved?

  • Onsite Team
  • Social Team
  • Promotional Team
  • Photography Team
  • Design Team

Comment on Results:

“King Creative exceeded all expectations on our Tax Time campaign with extremely limited time to prepare. Overall result of the campaign proved to be successful.” Simon Zanin – Product Marketing Manager ASUS Australia.

Project Details
Date February 15, 2016
Company ASUS Australia