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King Creative Media



Project Description


ASUS wanted to drive more engagement to fashion conscious male consumers, those looking for affordable luxury that didn’t break the bank but offered solid value.

King Creative Concept:

To partner with leading male fashion blogger Jared Acquaro from a Poor Man’s Millions creating engaging topics, tips & experiences that resonated with their consumer while engaging with the brand.

Creative Plan:

  • Produce #myjourney video content.
  • Create social media posts promoting the partnership.
  • Manage a trip to Europe for one of the world’s largest fashion conventions.
  • Style Me competition whereby fans of Jared win a full makeover tailored by him.


Construct the Team:

  • Onsite Team
  • International Team
  • Ambassador Team
  • Partnership Team

Comment on Results:

King Creative have worked with many leading influencers from around the world. Jared is one of Melbourne’s top male bloggers and is consistently using technology in his every day life. It made sense to partner these two iconic brands to build amazing results.

Project Details
Date February 16, 2016
Company ASUS Australia