Project Description


LENOVO wanted to showcase their brand using Influencers from all walks of life.

King Creative Concept:


Creative Plan:

Build a dedicated list of supported Influencers.
Produce viral content for social & digital.
Tell a story between man, woman & machine.
Create vibrant video content to showcase on digital platforms.

Construct the Team:

Digital Team
Influencer Management Team
Videography and Photography Team


Samatha Hill became an avid Yoga enthusiast as a way to manage life’s stresses. Now, being an experienced and versatile Yoga teacher, Samantha uses the Lenovo Yoga laptop for its portability and easy of use during one-on-one sessions with her clients. Alongside King Creative’s facilitation of the experience, Lenovo provided a strong foundation for this project to be built upon through their ongoing technological and financial support.


Project Details
Date November 14, 2018
Company LENOVO