Project Description



King Creative recently secured Melbourne-based financial advisory, Pekada as a new client. As part of Pekada’s new marketing strategy we have launched the ‘Don’t Die Poor’ campaign, aimed at helping individuals get the most out of their money. The initiative is committed to ensuring that those in the midst of their working career have the financial resources necessary to bring about the most rewarding results from their lifetime of hard work.

The target market for this campaign are individuals aged in their late 40s and 50s who fear the modern financial demands of living.

These concerns can stem from:

Working endlessly with little reward

Not having enough money saved to put children through school

Not having enough time to spend doing what they love with the people they care about


Fuelled by King Creative, Pekada are committed to using the ‘Don’t Die Poor’ campaign to challenge the traditional approach to providing financial advice and deliver exceptional results through a high quality and tailored client experience.

King Creative have combined proven marketing strategies with ample creative flare to produce innovate material for the launch of the campaign.

Project Details
Date March 28, 2019
Company PEKADA