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King Creative Media



Project Description

SOL REPUBLIC wanted to make a splash and launch their headphone brand into the Australian market with one of their top retail clients – MYER.

King Creative Concept:

  • Using a dance crew and DJ we wanted to create a unique in store activation where everyday people could experience the brand first hand and see the unique features in action.

Creative Plan:

  • Work directly with the retail giant Myer to showcase the new SOL REPUBLIC product in their busiest Melbourne and Sydney stores.
  • Create a SOL REPUBLIC musical showcase with a live host, SOL REPUBLIC DJ and SOL REPUBLIC Dance Crew.
  • Organise product giveaways and competitions for the public.
  • Promotions held via mX newspaper in both Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Online and social mechanisms used to support the activity.

.Construct the Team:

  • Onsite Team
  • Design Team
  • Photography Team
  • SOL REPUBLIC Dance Crew

Comment on Results:

The launches in Sydney and Melbourne were a great success. The team at Myer and SOL REPUBLIC were impressed with the performances of the DJ and dance crews. The public loved the experience and were amazed by the features of the revolutionary new headphones.  

Project Details
Date February 15, 2016