Project Description


Strata management company PICA Group engaged King Creative to create lifestyle videos to demonstrate the different facets of the Strata industry and the particular roles that Strata Managers play.

King Creative Concept:

Social Media Content

Creative Plan:

Research the different roles of a Strata Manager.
Create a story around each Strata Manager.
Bring a human element to Pica Group’s social campaign.
Create vibrant video content to showcase on digital platforms.

Construct the Team:

Creative Team
Production Team
Digital Team
Videography and Photography Team

Comment on Results:

King Creative took complex subject matter and made it into easy-to-understand video content. Through the videos we showed the human side of Pica Group, highlighting the various duties their Strata Managers perform on a daily basis.

Project Details
Date October 8, 2019
Company PICA Group