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King Creative Media



Project Description


SOL REPUBLIC wanted to branch out from music and support a well known sports team in New Zealand to attract a new audience.

King Creative Concept:
To develop SOL REPUBLIC’S first sporting partnership in New Zealand with the reigning NBL champions the Sky City NZ Breakers. SOL REPUBLIC worked directly with the team to add amazing entertainment value to the masses attending each home game.

Creative Plan:
Create an interactive element to the half-time entertainment on centre court through live music performances and urban dance crews.
Setup a listening booth facility to showcase all the latest products and give the crowd a glimpse at what was to come.
Drive new sign up and registrations through a dedicated mobile app.
Promotional giveaways with SOL REPUBLIC prize packs.
Online and social exposure through the NZ Breakers social pages.
Capture video footage and photos to be used on SOL REPUBLIC social pages.

Comment on Results:
SOL REPUBLIC grew their brand awareness in New Zealand exponentially as a result of this campaign. Hundreds of new fans interacted with the brand at each game. Social media activity on the SOL REPUBLIC social pages saw a massive spike each time the promotions and half-time entertainment took place.

Project Details
Date August 28, 2015
Company AUDIO