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5 ways to Create a Visually Appealing Instagram 

Instagram begins and ends with images, the entire network was created to let people share their photos. Having a curated and visually appealing Instagram aesthetic is one of the best ways to boost your account, build a following and demonstrate your brand’s style and tone. Follow these 5 simple steps to ensure your Instagram feed stands out. 

Take Great Photos

Why is this important? This first step may seem obvious but Instagram is a visually – driven platform and it is very difficult to save low-quality images with the help of a filter. 

Quick Tip: Make sure you avoid amateur mistakes when taking images such as having a dirty lens, shaking and taking blurry pictures. 

Pick a Colour Scheme

Why is this important? Having a consistent colour scheme is probably one of the easiest ways to create a visually appealing Instagram. Choose 1-3 colours that you want to focus on and incorporate these into all of your posts. 

Quick Tip: Create a mood board as a visual representation of what you want your Instagram brand colour scheme to encompass.

Choose One Filter and Stick with it!

Why is this important? This is the ultimate way to make your Instagram images appealing and coherent. This adds a simple look and style to each of your posts and adds an obvious connection between each image.

Quick Tip: Use filters in an editing app to take your images to the next level.

Vary your Content

Why is this important? You need to choose images that inspire or intrigue followers. Only posting content which promotes your brand will become tiresome and disengaging. Make sure you offer a variety of engaging content. 

Quick Tip: Engaging content to include could be: Behind the scenes sneak peeks, DIY projects and creative solutions to problems, Influencer content, Motivational images and, Contests and giveaways. 

Use Natural Lighting

Why is this important? Poor quality lighting can be the reason for low-quality images on Instagram. Having good lighting lays the foundation for an amazing photo. 

Quick Tip: Use natural light to take higher quality photos with exceptional sharpness and quality.

3 tips for running an effective PR Campaign

A PR campaign can have a long-lasting impact on your brand’s reputation and public image. Here are 3 ways to ensure you run an effective campaign.

Have Clear Goals 

Why is this Important? Clearly outline your company’s media goals and then create a strategy that has the best chance of fulfilling them. Start with a big picture goal in mind, then once you’ve narrowed down the specifics take into account the budget and set deadlines. 

Quick Tip: By laying a campaign roadmap, you’re giving yourself a focused metric to measure your success. 

Know Your Audience

Why is this Important? Before deciding what message you want to deliver you must decide who will be receiving it. Regardless of the strategy or tactic, the best message in the world won’t be effective unless it’s directed at the right people in a way they understand. 

Quick Tip: Take time to discover which customer persona you want your campaign to reach. 

Choose the Right Platform 

Why is this Important? It is imperative to choose a media platform that will amplify your message and reach the audience you are aiming for. This will enable you to use time and money wisely. 

Quick Tip: The right platform will allow you to drive more traffic, as well as expand your reach through shares, follows, and likes. 

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A guide to writing a killer Instagram caption

Now that you’ve got an awesome visual to post to your business’ Instagram account, it’s time to devise a compelling caption! A quality caption that complements your post will help you to increase likes, followers and comments from your target audience. Here is a guide to writing a killer Instagram caption.


Understand the target audience for your post
Why is it important?
Knowing your audience will help make your post and its caption more relevant and relatable.

Quick tip:
Consider using language techniques such as metaphors and references relatable to your target audience.

Make use of all of Instagram’s caption tools
Why is it important?
If they are there, why not use them!? Don’t be afraid to use tools such as emojis and the @mention function to make your caption more colourful.

Quick tip:
@mentioning another account or user in your caption can boost conversation and increase exposure.

Consider your use of hashtags
Why is it important?
Hashtags help to categorise your post and increase its relevance to target audiences.

Quick tip:
There is definitely such a thing as too many hashtags…so use them wisely and don’t overcrowd your post!

Understand the concept of giving your brand a voice
Why is it important?
Portraying your business’ values and attitudes through your caption will help your audience identify with your brand.

Quick tip:
Give your post a personality! Keeping things clear and simple is a good start, but don’t be afraid to give your post some life with humour or interesting facts.

Write, re-write, and re-write again!
Why is it important?
Planning is an essential process that increases message clarity. Editing and modifying your drafted caption will allow you to get the most out of your post.

Quick tip:
Most people busily scroll through their Instagram feed, so keep your caption short and sweet.