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5 SMB Pain Points and how to hurdle them

As a small business owner, you’ve probably faced and conquered an abundance of hurdles and headaches when running your business. While you may think these issues are unique to you, they are actually fairly common for small to medium-sized business owners. We’ve listed below some of the common everyday complaints encountered by business owners, along with tips on how to manage them.     

“Our profitability sucks, despite good revenues”

Why is this important? If you’re struggling for profits, it might be time to cut costs. Reduce overhead costs like utilities, sell old inventory, rent or lease over owning. 

Quick tip: Stay on top of overhead costs, from the start of your small business. This will prevent costs from getting out of hand. 


“We’re unable to find new customers”

Why is this important? Finding new customers isn’t as simple as before. Cleverly marketing your offerings is crucial to staying relevant in today’s world, or risk fading away.

Quick tip: Online advertising has been constantly proven as the best bang-for-your-buck in marketing your product or service.


“We’re losing our customers” 

Why is this important? A declining customer base usually indicates better competition. This could be due to your stagnant development or matters out of your hands such as a large corporation’s introduction.

Quick tip: Standing out from the rest is difficult. But if you can ensure your offering being unique, your business will be secured for time to come.


“Our revenue is awful”

Why is this important? Revenue is what runs a business. A lack of it won’t allow you to function for very long.  

Quick tip: Encourage customers to return by improving the quality of your offerings. A raise in prices would also be justified by the improved quality.


“We have high employee turnover”

Why is this important? If employees keep quitting their jobs, this may indicate an underlying issue. Sit down and examine work environment and culture, benefits, etc.

Quick tip: The easiest way to identify an issue is by contacting a former employee, and having a chat with them about why they departed.

5 Social marketing tips to put your business on the map

Marketing yourself in the current social sphere is like walking through a minefield. A wrong phrase uttered or a risky photo posted will push you into treacherous waters. Treading carefully will help you dodge any mishaps that could cause unwanted virtual harm to yourself, your channel, or your company. Here are some tips on how to stay ahead of your digital competition.   

Speak your target audience’s language

Why is this important? Making content that’s relevant to your target audience is paramount to success on social media. Putting out the same stuff as everyone else will get you nowhere. 

Quick tip: Putting a fresh and unique spin on your content to appeal to your followers, will almost always guarantee you success.


Take advantage of trends

Why is this important? Trends are the best way of staying at the fore of viewers’ suggested content. Platforms like Youtube and Tiktok reward users for posting content in line with the current trends by recommending their videos to a larger audience. 

Quick tip: Keep an eye out for popular hashtags being used in social media to get an idea of which trends to hop onto.


View and respond to comments

Why is this important? Staying in touch with viewers and subscribers will help you build a stable fan base on your account. Responding to comments on your posts make users feel like you are friendly and approachable; two traits viewers greatly appreciate.

Quick tip: Turn notifications for your account on, so you’re alerted when someone likes or comments on your posts.  


Observe successful brands’ social strategy

Why is this important? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Another way to stay in the game is by observing other companies who have successful digital strategies. Using their activity as a template can be an easy way to start implementing your own social strategy.

Quick tip: Looking at competitor’s social media success can help you get a foothold on what you should be doing.


People love infographics!

Why is this important? Studies show that the best content to post is visual. If it’s also informative, then even better! Infographics are the best content to not only engage users, but also sustain that engagement with appealing material.

Quick tip: Don’t get carried away by graphics, keep your content informative as well as enticing!