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Handy Tips To Help Your Marketing Strategy Using Twitter

Twitter is the ultimate networking tool and should be used to its full potential. Marketers use Twitter for branding, promotions and providing users with important information about their brand or product. These are our best tips to help strengthen your current marketing strategy.


  1. Increase engagement
    Why is this important?
    Twitter is all about engaging with your target audience and interacting with them as much as possible.

    Quick tip: To get optimum engagement, start a Twitter Chat to get conversations started.

  1. Plan ahead
    Why is this important?
    Have your Tweets planned ahead so that you aren’t left struggling at the eleventh hour for ideas.

    Quick tip: Use programs like Sendible.com to schedule posts in advance.

  1. Analyse your performance
    Why is this important?
    You want to be able to see how your posts are performing and finding ways to improve these levels if they’re not doing well.

    Quick tip: Keep on top of the performance of your content with Twitter Analytics.
  1. Collaborate with influencers
    Why is this important?
    Influencers have incredible reach and by engaging with them on campaigns you will increase your company’s reach while bringing in new audiences.

    Quick tip: Research influencers that will fit appropriately with your brand to ensure effective engagement.
  2. Use video to convey your message
    Why is this important?
    People love visuals and are more likely to engage with video than plain text.

    Quick tip: Create short videos that will catch your followers’ attention, ensuring it encapsulates your message in a few short seconds.