3 ways to improve your skills in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game with both local and online capabilities. As one of the most popular free games out there, you can expect plenty of players who will be just as new to the game as you are, so here’s a few tips to get ahead of the competition:


Learn the controls

Why is this important? 

Jumping straight into games is one way to learn the basic controls quickly as well as learning how to move and attack. Enhance your skills in the Training mode or try to practice specific combos in game-modes such as free-for-all and experimental 1v1 to get a feel for the controls.

Quick tip: Learn both grounded attack and aerial attacks, you have many options to attack so make sure you know how!


Play a variety of characters

Why is this important?

When you first start playing, you’ll only be able to play the characters provided for you, however this changes every week. So while you can play those characters it’s beneficial to play as many of them as you can. This will help you not only gain an understanding on the different attributes the characters have but also how to counter them if you come across them in game. 

Quick tip : Save the gold you get from playing matches to buy characters you want to play with.


Practice “recovering” 

Why is this important?

While you are airborne you have many options to get back to the platform which players often don’t know about or use too early. You can save yourself many deaths and defeats by learning how to get back to the stage before you fall to your death.

Quick tip : Don’t use all of your options straight away but try to space them out. This makes it easier to recover.